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Pure White Wings

All children are born as pure as small white doves with spirits eager to soar. With nurture and care, over time they spread their
wings as they grow. With the warm summer breeze, parents take great joy in watching our kids learn to fly. Flying around the
clear blue sky with endless amounts of energy. Darting gracefully between cotton cloud dreams as these little doves fly after one
another while playing and chasing their dreams.

You see our pure white doves were born with the same eager spirit, but also with BROKEN WINGS. Wings that are lame, bumpy
and crooked, this hampers their ability to fly. Many times they simply watch through a window as others fly to follow their
dreams. They can only imagine the feeling of boundless energies of freedom. Imagining what it would be like to dart at will
between cotton cloud dreams, during the warm summer breeze.

While their wings maybe broken, their SPIRITS SOAR, giving these kids the unmatched strength, courage and determination to
overcome and wisdom far beyond their years. It is their SPIRIT! Gracing them to find other adventures in life and spotting joy
that others over look or take for granted.

Their energies are saved for times when it's needed for them to be able to overcome the challenges they face day in and day out.
Their strength is used to endure the many surgeries and pain they face, trying to repair broken wings.
Hoping that this surgery will be their last.

The WINGS OF HOPE lead the way as we
REACH for the CURE!
In order to fix our children’s broken wings once and for all. To put an end to a life time of sitting on the side lines, watching
others through the window. So they may also one day truly feel all the scenes of freedom others enjoy.


For you see, we are the care takes of the future, so others may one day be able to fly
amongst clear warm blue skies of cotton cloud dreams. Just the way life should be.

MHE / MO / HME RESEARCH being conducted today around the world,
will open the WINDOW in the future and allow our children not only to

The MHE Research Foundation would like to THANK YOU for becoming one of our
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The MHE Research Foundation is proud to be an affiliate of the Society For Glycobiology
The MHE Research Foundationis proud to be a partnering society with ASMB & CTOS
Wings of HOPE as we REACH for the CURE to
Multiple Hereditary Exostoses Syndrome/Multiple Osteochondroma

Welcome ! to the MHE Research Foundation website
The MHE Research Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the support of,
Researchers, Physicians and Families,
Dealing with (MHE) Multiple Hereditary Exostoses Syndrome/(MO) Multiple Osteochondroma Syndrome
a Rare Genetic Bone Disease.
The MHE Research Foundations five point mission is to
REACH, advance & support the following.
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RESEARCH, to assist and support researchers in order to one day discover a treatment/cure for MHE/MO/HME.
Our foundation works hand in hand with researchers from around the world in this mission.
EDUCATION, to provide vital clinical informational guides benefiting both families and physicians.
ADVOCACY, bring awareness about this rare neglected bone disease throughout the world.
CLINICAL, to help provide resources to families enabling them to locate the medical care they require.
HOPE,  the research being conducted on MHE/MO/HME & the informational resources will bring a better quality of
life to the families affected by this syndrome around the world.
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