Become an Advocate for the MHE Research Foundation

While you may think that you are just one person, and your voice is too small to be heard, every effort makes a difference! In
fact, it is essential that you write to your elected officials. That's how grass-roots lobbying has its largest impact. The greater
number of people who write and call their representatives, the more influence we have in order to make a difference in the lives
of those with Multiple Hereditary Exostoses

Remember: MHE is serious, the research being conducted on MHE will benefit MHE patients world-wide and also could have great
implications for millions of patients who suffer from more common bone ailments, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, other
therapeutic applications including  inflammation, cancer, neuron degeneration and cardiovascular disorders.

We matter!

PLEASE HELP the children and adults living in with this disease.
They have the same dreams, aspirations and goals as other people but unfortunately face each day with greater struggle.

We need your support!
What is MHE Advocacy?
Advocacy involves individuals who are committed to influence positive change in their lives, communities and elected
governments by making their personal stories and opinions known. They seek these changes by getting involved and taking
action in order to make a difference in the lives of those afflicted with MHE and their families. Getting involved in advocating for
the MHE Research Foundation may mean taking any of the following actions in contacting your local, state or federal government

Making telephone calls

Writing letters

Sending email's

Visiting your elected representatives  in your home state
As an advocate, you represent all patients with MHE. Because you are a constituent and a registered voter in your legislator's
home district and state, your opinions are important to them!

So if you haven't yet contacted your United States or State representatives, please do so, using the resources on this page for
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