The MHE Research Foundation is a
non-profit organization exempt from Federal
Income Taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the
Internal Revenue Code.

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All donations go towards furthering the
understanding of MHE through research and
educational programs.
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Fundraising Section
The MHE Research Foundation
As we
REACH for the cure!!!
RESEARCH, to help fund research programs, so one  day a
treatment / cure for MHE can be found.
EDUCATION, to provide clinical information, guides
to help benefit both families and physicians.
ADVOCACY, to bring awareness about this disease in all
areas throughout the world.
CLINICAL, to help provide informational resources to
families enabling them to find the medical care they need.
HOPE, is that the research being conducted on MHE, and the
informational resources will bring a better quality of life to the
families affected by this disease.
Multiple Hereditary Exostoses (“MHE”) is a disease where
cartilage capped bone tumors (exostoses / osteochondromas)
grow throughout the body. There is no treatment at this time.
It is not uncommon for  MHE patients to undergo numerous
surgical procedures throughout their lives to remove painful
or deforming exostoses. Surgery, physical therapy and pain
management are currently the only options available to MHE
patients, but their success varies from patient to patient and
many struggle with pain, fatigue and mobility problems
throughout their lives.